Solutions and safety

A highly motivated, well-trained team works out tailor-made compound solutions. Problems and requirements are tackled and implemented in a quick and flexible manner. The witches’ kitchen of today comes in the shape of our modern laboratories for recipe development and examination and test procedures.

Our compound products are available in almost any size and version.Our range of products comprises almost all known thermoplastic processing methods embracing a hardness range of approx. Shore A 30 to approx. Shore D 80.

Thermoplastics based on PVC-P, PVC-U, blends using NBR, ASA, ABS, PEC, elastomer modified polyolefin and styrol materials.Thermoplastic elastomers such as TPE-O, TPE-S,

Characteristics profile: Good electrical, mechanical, chemical and thermal characteristics, good flexibility at low temperature, rubbery-elastic characteristics during thermoplastic processing, high heat deformation resistance, good oil and petrol resistance, migration resistant or low migration in comparison with other plastics and lacquers, flame-resistant or self-extinguishing, good weather, ozone and light resistance, low heat and noise conductivity, physiologically and toxicologically harmless, good locking characteristics against gasses, weldable, printable, metallizable, colour settings optional from transparent, colourless to pearl-lustre and effect colours for shiny and matt surfaces, recyclable.